Son of Aaron and Dora (?) Weitz.
First Name: Also spelled as Zechariah, and Harry (1930 Census).
Born: September 3, 1884 in Boheroclozany, Poland (Austria).
Died: September 23, 1954 in Los Angeles, California.
Pre-examination Date: September 11, 1922.
September 17, 1922 - from Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Rouses Point, NY Delaware and Hudson RR.
Naturalization: July 26, 1929 #Certificate #3126871 - Los Angeles District County, Los Angeles County, California.
April 9, 1930 - 1001 East 29th, Assembly District 62, Block 186, Supervisor's District 17, Enumeration District 19-298, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.
April 18, 1940 - 4607 1/2 Pickford Street, Councilmanic District 11, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.
May 20, 1926 - 1001 E 29th Street, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.
May 20, 1926 - Peddler.
April 18, 1940 - Salesman, Food Products.
Married: Minna Emily "Miriam" Greenberg September 8, 1909 in Stanislaw, Poland (Austria).

Zechariah, had been a Captain in the army with 200 men under his command. He was discharged shortly before WW1. He left Europe and came to Montreal right before the 1st world war broke out. Minna and Sarah remained behind in Austria. With the outbreak of the war, they were separated for much longer than had planned. He could not bring them over until after the war was over.

When he first arrived in Montreal, he could only get a job doing very hard labor in the ship yards. Being an observant Jew, he wouldn't work Saturdays, which became a problem for staying employed in that type of work.

He and a man he met rented a basement and lived very meagerly together. They eventually started a clothing business. When WW1 broke out, they obtained a contract to manufacture uniforms for the military. They became very busy, had 50 or more people working for them, and became pretty well off.

Owned Weitz Bros. Bakery with brother Isaac. At one point they had quite a few employees, and trucks for delivery of bakery goods. At some point, Zechariah broke off from this business and went into the produce business. He did well there selling to restaurants and stores. Again, they had trucks that delivered produce to neighborhoods as well.

Citizenship Registration Records for the Montreal Circuit Court (1851-1945)
Name: WEITZ, Zecharia
Age: 29
Country of Birth: Austria
Year of Naturalization: 1913
Volume: 948
File Number: 11069A
Reference: Citizenship Registration Records for the Montreal Circuit Court (1851-1945)
RG 6 F3

Border Crossing - 1922

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