Daughter of Daniel Underhill and Margaret Eleanor (Velsor) Cashow.
Born: April, 1858 in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, Long Island, New York.
Died: Unknown in Unknown.
Married: Thomas J Ellison About 1889 in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

Annie (Underhill), was born and died in Nassau County, New York. She is the daughter of Daniel U. and Margaret Ellen Velsor Cashow. She married Thomas J. Ellison in 1889. Oyster Bay, their summer home, became her home when she was widowed, until she died. In 1915 she began receiving the Civil War pension of her deceased husband. On Oct 19, 1930 the Brooklyn Eagle reported that a relative had entered Annie and her twin brother Hamilton in a Twin Contest, who at 73 might have been the oldest living twins in the area. After she was widowed, she and her bachelor brother Hamilton shared the family home in which they were born, at 144 So. St., Oyster Bay, until she died. The home was built in 1788 and was torn down in 1949. Bernstein's Home Center now occupies the lot where the Cashow home stood. Annie is the mother of David Morgan Ellison. (1890-1901)