Son of Carel and Unknown Wife Corneliszen.
AKA: Joose Carelszi Van Systen.
Born: About 1630 in Middelbert, Groningen, the Netherlands.
Died: After 1703 in New York.
Occupation: Shipbuilder in partnership with Henrick Lambertszen Mol; and their ship yard was built on the west side of what is now Pearl Street, between Wall Street and Franklin Square.
Married: Christina Styntie Jans 1656 in Holland.

Joost Carelszen (Van Sysen), the first American ancestor of the Van Sise family, was born in Middleburg, in the Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, according to his statement upon joining the New York Dutch Church, probably about 1630. As he first appeared in the New Amsterdam Church Records on 22 Dec 1653, and fairly frequently thereafter, it is possible that he came to New York (New Amsterdam) not long before. Joost was a shipbuilder in partnership with Hendrick Lambertszen Mol, and their shipyard was at "Smith's Valley" on the West Side of the Present Pearl St. between Wall Street and Franklin Square, which had been bought before 17 May 1661. Valentine listed his property in 1674 as of "4th class" and estimated his wealth ?10. Joost became a member of the New York Dutch Church on 28 May 1701, when he was recorded as being from Middleburg, Holland. He and his wife were still living in 1703; then over 60 years of age, according to the New York City Census of that year. His wife, Styntie Jans of unknown parentage, he probably married in Holland.
(This Information was researched by Brian Van Sise and published by Richard Calvert.)

1654- Aug-24 sued by David Provoost for not paying him a sum of 8 florins as his salary as a private schoolmaster.
1654- Aug-31 sues Mary d'Karman for the florins he was ordered to pay Provoost.
1657-8-Jan appears in court to sue a Capt Jan Strenger, who had commissioned him to build a boat but not remitted payment.
1658-Sept-15 bpt. of daughter Marritje
1660-July-3 purchased property in Smits Vly (just north of the wall, on east river) from Rachel van Tienhoven, widow of Secretary van Tienhoven, on what is now Pearl Street. Bounded to north by home of Stoffel Elswaart, south by home of his business partner, Hendrick Lamberston Mol.
1660-Aug-15 bpt. of daughter Maria
1662-May-9 sues Jurrien Jansen van Auweryck, for payment
1662- Nov-14 sues his business partner, Hendrick Lambertson Mol, for a breach in their partnership.
1663-Jan-5 bpt. of daughter Saertje
1664-Nov-16 bpt. of daughter Jannetje
1665- appears in the city directory for New York City, living in Smits Vly
1665-June-19- ran through with a sword by British soldiers (along with Coenraat ten Eyck) after refusing to clear off a bridge. Denounces the soldier in court, describes him as being "freckled in the face, with a blue shirt."
1666-Oct-13 bpt. of son Cornelis (ANCESTOR OF OUR BRANCH)
1667-11 Sept godfather of Hendrick, son of Huybert Hendrickszen
1686- 28-Nov godfather of his grandson, Joost De Mill, son of his daughter Saertje and Isaac De Mill
1689-Apr-24 godfather of his grandson, Samuel Pell, son of Jan Pell and his daughter Jannetje
1698-July-17 godfather of his grandson, Joost De Mill, son of his daughter Saertje and Isaac De Mill; godmother is his daughter in law, Judith Verwey
1701- Membership to the NYC RDC.
1708- Files his will. Presumably died shortly thereafter.
(Source: Brian Van Sise )