Daughter of Addison John and Jane Henry (Scranton) Roe.
Born: September 12, 1891 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.
Died: May, 1981 in Unknown.
Last Residence: Cambria, San Luis Obispo, California.
1900 - Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. (Indexed as Rae.)
1910 - Ward 6, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.
1920 - ?, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.
1930 - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California.
Education: University of Chicago.
Married: Horace Frank Scruby June 7, 1912 in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado.

1900 Census

1900 Census
name: Mary S Rae
titles & terms:
residence: Fort Worth city, Tarrant, Texas
birth date: Sep 1891
birthplace: Texas
relationship to head of household: Daughter
spouse's titles & terms:
spouse's birthplace:
father: Addison J Rae
father's titles & terms:
father's birthplace: New York
mother: Jennie H Rae
mother's titles & terms:
mother's birthplace: New York
race or color (expanded): White
head-of-household name: Addison J Rae
gender: Female
marital status:
years married:
estimated marriage year:
mother how many children:
number living children:
immigration year:
enumeration district: 0105
page: 9
sheet letter: B
family number: 180
reference number: 80
film number: 1241671
image number: 00552
Household Gender Age
parent Addison J Rae M
parent Jennie H Rae F
Rae F (Aunt)
Jannie M Rae F
Adalaide E Rae F
Mary S Rae F
Lucile Rose F (servant)
Jack Rose M (servant)

1910 Census
name: Mary S Roe
birthplace: Texas
relationship to head of household: Daughter
residence: Fort Worth Ward 6, Tarrant, Texas
marital status: Single
race : White
gender: Female
immigration year:
father's birthplace: New York
mother's birthplace: New Jersey
family number: 104
page number: 6
Household Gender Age
parent A J Roe F 42y
Jeanne Marie Roe F 22y
Adelaide E Roe F 20y
Mary S Roe F 18y

1920 Census
name: Mary Scruby
residence: , Ottawa, Oklahoma
estimated birth year: 1892
age: 28
birthplace: Texas
relationship to head of household: Wife
gender: Female
race: White
marital status: Married
father's birthplace: New York
mother's birthplace: New Jersey
film number: 1821481
digital folder number: 4384878
image number: 00697
sheet number: 19
Household Gender Age
spouse Horace Scruby M 29y
Mary Scruby F 28y
child John E Scruby M 4y2m
child Jane Scruby F 2y3m

1930 Census
name: Mary R Scruby
event: Census
event date: 1930
event place: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
gender: Female
age: 38
marital status: Married
race: White
birthplace: Texas
estimated birth year: 1892
immigration year:
relationship to head of household: Wife
father's birthplace: New York
mother's birthplace: New Jersey
enumeration district number: 0819
family number: 6
sheet number and letter: 1A
line number: 25
nara publication: T626, roll 124
film number: 2339859
digital folder number: 4532344
image number: 00148
Household Gender Age
spouse Horace F Scruby M 39
Mary R Scruby F 38
child John E Scruby M 14
child Jane E Scruby F 12
Maggie Parsons F 52 (servant/maid)

"About two or three months ago I had a belief of scarlet fever, and mamma had to report to the Board of Health, and my two sisters couldn't go to school; the first time they had been absent or tardy. One had been going to school five years, and one three years. Every one was aftaid to come to our house for weeks, and our cook went away because she was afraid. Mamma treated me with Christian Science. I was in bed only two days, and when I was awful hot and my head ached very badly I asked mamma to read out loud from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and felt much better then. I love Mrs. Eddy. I saw her a year ago last June in Boston. Papa was scared awfully, and was afraid the girls would catch it too, but they didn't. Most always I can heal myself, because I don't often have beliefs. I have treated papa several times and healed him. We have a new Christian Science Church. We have a big Sunday School, since our new church was opened. I shall be glad when I am old enough to be a member of the Mother Church, but I'm not nine years old yet, so I shall have to wait a long time. - Mary Scranton Roe, Fort Worth, Tex.
(The Christian Science Journal Vol 18 by Mary Baker Eddy, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston (1900))

The University of Chicago Magazine, Vol 8
The 1914 Roll Call
Suzanna Fisher, Macomb, ILL....Adelaide Roe Polke tells me Mary and Horace scruby are coming ot live in Dallas, but I haven't been able to find them yet. We're getting up a U. of C. Club that's going to be a winner for spirit and pep."