Notes for Elizabeth Georgian Bender Cloud:

Daughter of Charles and Unknown Wife Bender.
Born: Unknown in Unknown.
Died: Unknown in Unknown.
Married; Henry Roe Cloud June 12, 1916 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

Henry Roe Cloud married Elizabeth Georgian Bender in 1916. A Chippewa and a graduate of Hampton Institute, Elizabeth Bender Cloud served as Boy's Matron and Financial Executive at the American Indian Institute for almost twenty years. In 1951 she was named Oregon Mother of the Year. The couple had four surviving children: Elizabeth Marion (b. 1917), Anne Woisha (b. 1918), Lillian Alberta (b. 1920), and Ramona Clark (b. 1922).
(Source: - Manuscripts and Archives)

Wedding Announcement

(Source: Book: The Native American - Phoenix Indian School)