Son of Peter and Susan Elizabeth (Williams) Roe.
Born: April 7, 1823 in New York City, New York.
Died: September 28, 1901 in Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont.
1850 - Cornwall, Orange County, New York.
1860 - ?, Orange, County, New York.
1870 - Ward 15, New York City, New York
1880 - Cornwall, Orange County, New York
1900 - Northern Union Township, Washita, Oklahoma Territory.
1863 - New York.
1866-1869 - New York City, New York.
1870-1871 - Lowell, Massachusetts.
1871-1873 - Geneva, New York.
1873-1874 - Galen, New York.
1897 - Colony, Oklahoma.
1901 - Wickham home in Manchester, Vermont.
Married: (1) Caroline Power Child March 23, 1847 in Unknown.
(2) Emma Wickham 1860 in Unknown.

1850 Census

1860 Census
name: Alfred C Roe
residence: , Orange, New York
ward: Canterbury Town Cornwall
age: 37 years
estimated birth year: 1823
birthplace: New York
gender: Male
page: 92
family number: 635
film number: 803833
dgs number: 4236769
image number: 00097
nara number: M653

1870 Census

1880 Census
name: Alfred C. Roe
residence: Cornwall, Orange, New York
birthdate: 1823
birthplace: New York, United States
relationship to head: Self
spouse's name: Emm W. Roe
spouse's birthplace: New York, United States
father's name:
father's birthplace: New York, United States
mother's name:
mother's birthplace: New York, United States
race or color (expanded): White
ethnicity (standardized): American
gender: Male
martial status: Married
age (expanded): 57 years
occupation: School Teacher
nara film number: T9-0910
page: 69
page character: A
entry number: 1425
film number: 1254910
Household Gender Age
Alfred C. Roe M 57
spouse Emm W. Roe F 48
child Caroline P. Roe F 20
child Elizabeth Roe F 18
child Mary W. Roe F 17
child Joseph W. Roe M 8

1900 Census

Death Registry

b. NY City, grad. NY University; 1844 opened school in village of Canterbury (now Cornwall); 1853 to Cornwall-on-Hudson where he opened a boy's school. 1863 entered gospel ministry, ordained by Presby of North River; served Union Army as chaplain of 83rd NY Vols. & later with104th NY Vols., later 3d Div., 5th Cotps. After war to NY City & preached and worked at Lowell, MA (1870); 1871 called to 2d Presbryterian Church of Geneva, NY; 2 years later to Clyde, Wayne Co., NY until 1877 when he retired to Cornwall-on-Hudson. He m. 1847, March 23, Caroline P., d/o Judge Francis Child, of Morristown, NJ who d. 1859.
(Source: Pioneer Families of Orange County, New York by Martha Reamy, Bill Reamy copyright 1993; published 2007)

1863 - ordained by the Presbyterian Church and appointed chaplain to the 83rd Regiment of New York Volunteers.
August, 1864, this regiment was annihilated during a Union victory at the Battle of Globe Tavern. Alfred Roe re-commissioned in the 104th Regiment, in which he served until his discharge in July 1865.
1866-1869 - Eastern Secretary of the American Christian Commission in New York City.
1870-1871 - Pastor of a Presbyterian church in Lowell, Massachusetts.
1871-1873 - Pastor Presbyterian Church in Geneva, New York.
1873-1874 - Pastor Presbyterian Church in Galen, New York.
1875-1876 - Pastor Presbyterian Church in Clyde, New York.
1877 - Founded the Cornwall Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies at Cornwall on the Hudson.
1883 - Opened the Berkeley Institute in Brooklyn.
1888 - Opened the New York Collegiate Institute of Harlem.