Son of Clarence Kirk and Edna (Chester) Ready, Sr.
Born: About 1916 in Unknown.
Died: May 1, 1961 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.
Married: Pat ? Unknown in Unknown.

The Text Content on Page 1 of Tucson Daily Citizen , May 1, 1965 is:
VOL 93 NO 104 Cueson Daily Citizen TUCSON ARIZONA SATURDAY MAY I 1965 Gas Station Worker Slain By Robbers By DAN and STEVE Citizen Staff Writers The body of a Tucson service station attendant who was tied up with his own belt and shot in the back of the head by robbers was found early today at Vinci's Phil lips 66 Service Station 1266 E Benson Highway Police identified the victim as Clarence K Ready about 45 of 4612 E 17th St and said the robbers got to in cash Anthony Vinci 5702 E Calle Silvosa the owner of the station discovered the body when he arrived to open for business at today Police Lt George said the killing and robbery ently occurred shortly after 11 p.m yesterday as Ready was closing the station VINCI SAID lie found the outside night lights on and the inside lights out Noting that the front door was unlocked and the cash register missing he telephoned police to report a burglary After hanging up Vinci said he walked into a small storage room and found Ready lying face down in a pool of blood Police said the victim ently did not die instantly from the bullet which entered the base of his skull and exited through his forehead He had managed to work one hand free after the robbers tied his hands behind him with his belt cers said THE heavy tric cash register had been un- plugged and moved to another room police said indicating that two or more men probably were involved in the crime Because the register had been unplugged it could not be operated manually so theers pried it open with a tire iron officers said Then the robbers opened a floor safe with a key and took some additional cash One officer speculated that the robbery and murder might have been the result of a spur of the moment decision by who saw Ready closing the station as they ing He theorized that Ready ably was fatally injured before the cash was taken otherwise the robbers would have made him open the register for them ROBLES SAID police set the time of the robbery and ing at shortly after 11 p.m be- cause most of the out- side displays had been moved inside and the lighting that Ready was nearly ready to lock up and go home Officers said Ready had been employed at Vinci's a little more than a year He was the third Tucson ice station attendant to be dered during a holdup in little more than five years On Feb 21 1960 In a case very similar to last night's Glen D Smith 28 was found shot to death in the back of Arnold's Texaco Service N Stone Ave and Drachman St after a robbery ON MARCH 21 1961 Wilfred La Brie died from stab wounds he suffered when Watring aco Station 1500 E Boradway was robbed Vinci reported that two and a half months Feb 22 broke into his tion and took an empty cash register and worth of tools Police said Ready's wife Pat a Tucson Medical Center em- ploye was notified of his death when she finished work at the hospital this morning The body was taken to Tucson Mortuary.

The Text Content on Page 1 of Tucson Daily Citizen , June 18, 1965 is:
GORDON SLESSOR Citizen Staff Writer A man fired April 30 from a Tucson service station after being counting the ings today was reported by police to have confessed to bing and murdering an dant at the station the same day Robert Wayne Everett 23 was arrested in Springfield Mo afternoon on a warrant charging that on April 30 he robbed and then shol In death Clarence K Ready an attendant at Vinci's Phillips 66 Station 1266 E Benson Highway Today Tucson Police Chief Bernard L Garmire said elt has confessed to Tucson De- Julian Livingston who flew to Springfield Everett told Livingston he did not h a v e any accomplice Garmire said Ready 42 of 4612 E 17th St was found early May 1 by tion owner Anthony Vinci lying face down in the service station with a bullet wound in his head About had been taken from the cash register Until early this week police apparently had few solid clues in the case Then came a break An unidentified person living in a trailer near Sun Air Lodge 1111 E Benson way near the gas station went digging for sod in a nearby wash and turned up a gun The City County Crime Laboratory ran ballistics tests on the weapon and determined that the bullet that killed Ready had been fired from it Vinci said he identified the weapon as belonging to Everett Everell being held without bond in Greene County Mo County Jail was expected by authorities there to waive ex- tradition and be returned to Tucson A warrant for Everett's arrest by Superior Court Judge Jack C Marks In Springfield yesterday after- noon detectives surrounded a house where Everett was living i with his mother and his old wife Detectives there said the rugged dark-haired suspect at first denied he was Robert Wayne Everett But his grandmother an officer said We told him he was under was issued Wednesday evening arrest and he started shaking in u temen Coordinator Savs Tucson Cell The national coordinator of the Minutemen organization today confirmed that i cell of the militaristic self-styled patriotic group is active in the Tucson area Robert B told the Citizen from his Norborne home in Tucson has heen a pretty good city for us and we've been there for four or years The cell is a good one and has shown no signs of disbanding On Wednesday the Citizen reported the group had been LI rider surveillance of authorities declined to say what arms the unit is using and where ii is doing us training Giving this sort of information has made me too he said The Minutemen have been spotlighted recently as FBI agents seized caches elsewhere in the nation of heavy arms and explosives said in belong to them Stofft Might Seek Governorship visibly but offered no tance Livingston talked svith Everett this morning Vinci told the Citizen today that Everett came to Tucson with his wife at about the be- ginning of April and just hung round every day asking for work Finally around the 20th of the month I gave him a time job and he tented a by trailer from one of my em- ployes He didn't say much to me while he worked but spoke to the other boys a lot and seemed cheerful and happy His wife used to bring his lunch to him A real nice young girl He only worked 10 days and then fired him because I found him sitting counting the cash register takings 1 asked him what he was doing with the money and he said he was counting because he wanted to know how much money would be taken if there was a holdup Vinci I saw Everett often with the weapon He used to bring it in and show it to us I think he was showing js how he was making a new handle for it Police said Ready's were tied behind his back be- fore he was shot and he ently had been Everett first was quoted by Springfield police as saying that as he was leaving Tucson by bus May 1 he noticed a lot of lice around the station and dered about it.