Daughter of Raphael and Rivka (?) Negrin.
Born: 1878 in Ionnina, Ioanninon (once known as Janina), Greece (Turkey).
Died: About April 11, 1944 in Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
Married: Nahoom Youssa Matza Before 1896 in Unknown.

Studio portrait of a large family of Greek Jews from Ioannina discovered crumpled on the floor of their ransacked home after the war. [Photograph #69505] Pictured are members of the Matsas family. Seated are Sarina and Nahoum Matsas and Rebecca (b. 1916). Standing from left to right Eliasaf (b. 1910), Leon (b. 1902), Raphael (b. 1899), Rosina (b. 1904), Jeshua (b. 1896), Elias (b. 1907) and Michael (b.1912).
[Source: Micahel Matsas: The Illusion of Safety: The Story of the Greek Jews During the Second World War; New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1997] Date: 1920 Locale: Ioannina, Greece; Joanina; Yanina; Joannina, Greece Credit: USHMM, courtesy of Michael Matsas Copyright: USHMM. Subject Classification: LIFE BEFORE THE HOLOCAUST -- Greece -- Family/Friends/Portraits.

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