Son of Nuchem and Sura Rywka (Goldsztajn) Klinger.
Born: October 11, 1860 in Lodz, Poland.
Alternate date of birth: January 1, 1872. (This was probably done so he had established his residence in Alsace before it was officially handed over to France after WWI. Otherwise, he would have been considered Polish and would have had to return to Poland or be in Germany as an "alien citizen".)
Died: April 20, 1931 in Dortmund, Germany.
Married: (1) Chana "Ewa" Marja/Maryjem "Marion" Rozencwajg in 1881 in Unknown.
(2) Anna Joskowitz about 1900 in probably Lodz or Pietrokov, Poland.
(3) Nisle Levi/Levy between 1920-1921 in Unknown.
Was in the used furniture/antique business. Lily writes he was a widower when he was travelling in Eastern Europe. There he met Anna, who was a singer there. Therefore Regina born in Poland. Occupation: June 13, 1918 - Merchant in Schiedam, Netherlands.
Before WW1 moved to Holland. Was there at time that Regina married. When war over must chose French or German citizenship. Spoke only elected to be German, therefore moved to Dortmund.
1881 - Lodz, Poland.
1891 - Frankfort, Germany.
1897 - Zurich, Switzerland.
1897-1900 - Strasbourg, France
July 1, 1901 leaves Strasbourg, France for Kiel, Germany.
1914-1918: Schiedam, Netherlands.
1918: Strasbourg, France.
1920: Dortmund, Germany.
August 8, 1926 - the couple moved with their, now five, children to the "Münsterstr. 273" (allthough in the "Hausstandsbuch" of the Schwarze-Brüder-Str. it is denoted that they moved to "Münsterstr. 279a")
July 19, 1930: Schützenstr. 103, a nursing home in Dortmund, Germany.

Conclusions from the Dortmund Archives A report by the Dortmund Archives with information found by me and their searches.

Klinger Schiedam Record

Mosiek Srul "Max" Klinger and Chana (Ewa) Marja "Marion" Rozencwajg Marriage Certificate

Emigration Papers from Schiedam, Netherlands

1896 Strassbourg Alien Record

1905-1910 Strassbourg Alien Record

1914 Strassbourg Alien Record

Mosiek Srul "Max" Klinger Death Certificate

1921 Dortmund Census

1921 Dortmund Census - Translation

June 13, 1918 Marriage of Rifke (Regina) Klinger and Fiszel (Philip) Factor with Max and Anna (Joskowitz) Klinger

Max Klinger, Anna (Joskowitz) Klinger, Elias Klinger (son from first marriage)