Holocaust Survivor
Son of Mosiek Srul "Max" and Nisle/Nishler (Levy) Klinger.
Born: November 4, 1921 in Dortmund, Germany.
Birth Certificate #3673/1921
Died: November 13, 1986 in Encino, Los Angeles County, California.
Naturalization: April 13, 1962, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.
April 13, 1962 - 4181 S Buckingham, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.
Married: Marcia Botwinik October 24, 1962 in Los Angeles County, California.
Never had children with Marcia. (Family rumor: It is possible that he had a son while in the Displaced Persons Camp after the war. No records of this have yet been found.)

Marriage Registry

From Red Cross International Tracing Center:

Klinger, Hermann Herbert, born November 4th 1921 in Dortmund, Nationality: German/French, Marital status: single, Religion: Jewish: Occupation: butcher, worker, last place of residence: Dortmund, "Leopoldstraße 23". Parents' names: Max and Nisle nee LOWI (LEVI) was committed on April 28th 1943 to the police prison Dortmund by the "Staatspolizei", Prisoners Book Number 2043, transferred on May 17th 1943 to Concentration Camp Auschwitz, Prisoner's Number 122782 (futher transfer not indicated); from Concentration Camp Gross Rosen to Concentration Camp Buchenwald on February 10th 1945, Prisoner's Number 125322; to Concentration Camp Natzweiler/Commando Bisingen on 5th/9th/12th March 1945, transferred to Concentration Camp Dachua, Commando Munich-Allach, on April 14th 1945, Prisoner's number 157760; was liberated on April 29th 1945 by American Army in Concentration Camp Dachau. Category: "politisch", "Jude". In the records is remarked: Reason: Refusal to work.

November 1st 1946, registered in DP-Camp Stuttgart-Degerloch; December 24th 1946 and March 2nd 1948

On September 10th 1948 transferred from DP-Camp Stuttgart-Degerloch to DP-Camp Stuttgart-West

In April 1950 (exact dates not indicated) medical treatment in the TB-Sanatorium Gauting

On January 31st 1956 transferred to Bemen from the IRO emigration camp Munich

February 3rd 1956 emigrated from Bremenhaven to USA aboard the ship "General Langfitt"

city archive of Dortmund:
1939: Leopoldstr. 23
There was also mentioned Klinger, Hermann, Straßenbahnfahrer (translated: cabel-car driver).

Hermann Klinger
born Nov 4, 1921 in Dortmund
builder's laborer (firm: Ebers + Kemper, Dortmund, Viktoriastrasse 40)
from July 25, 1939 until day of deportation

Dortmund, Rheinische Strasse 88 (1938)
Dortmund, Leopoldstrasse 23 (1941)
Dortmund, Huckarder Strasse 164 (1943)
Feb 27, 1943 deported from Dortmund to Auschwitz

Some documents found through the Red Cross show his middle name as Herbert.

Conclusions from the Dortmund Archives A report by the Dortmund Archives with information found by me and their searches.

27 pages of documents found by the Red Cross. Received January 19, 2008. These cover his interment in Dachau, Buchenwald and DP camps. (You will need AcrobatReader as this file is in .pdf format.)

About age 15

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