Son of Robert and Francis (?) Young.
Born: October 14, 1895 in Michigan.
Died: January 22, 1969 in South Laguna, Orange County, California.
Buried: Plot: Alcove of Horizon, Niche 322; Pacific View Memorial Park, Cornoa Del Mar, Orange County, California.
Occupation: 1936-1967 - Screenwriter. Married: Martha Nesmith Price Unknown in Unknown.

American screenwriter Clarence Upson Young dwelt in the B-picture mills from 1936 to 1956. Young's 1930s credits include The Plot Thickens (1936), RKO's next-to-last Hildegarde Withers mystery. In the 1940s, he worked for Universal (Night Monster), Columbia (The Black Parachute), and PRC (The Ghost That Walks Alone). Though he tackled practically every kind of film, most of Clarence Upson Young's output was within the Western genre.
1967 Gunfight in Abilene (story "Gun Shy")
1956 Showdown at Abilene (story)
1949 Western Feud! (short) (story and dialogue/archive footage)
1948 Albuquerque (screenplay)
1947 Riding the California Trail (screenplay/story)
1946 Badman's Territory (additional sequences)
1944 The Black Parachute (writer)
1944 The Ghost That Walks Alone (screenplay)
1942 Time to Kill (screenplay)
1942 Madame Spy (original story/screenplay)
1942 Night Monster (writer)
1942 The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (original screenplay)
1942 North to the Klondike (writer)
1941 Sea Raiders (original screenplay)
1941 Sky Raiders (screenplay)
1940 The Devil's Pipeline (screenplay)
1940 Son of Roaring Dan (writer)
1940 Black Diamonds (writer)
1940 Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (screenplay)
1940 Hot Steel (writer)
1939 Bad Lands (screenplay/story)
1939 The Girl and the Gambler (screenplay)
1938 The Law West of Tombstone (screenplay/story)
1936 The Plot Thickens (writer)

(Source: Monroe)