Daughter of ? and ?.
Residence: Aurora, Colorado.
Married: Charles Daniel Gincig Unknown and Unknown.

Rathel is a riding instructor, certified by a national organization, the Certified Horsemanship Association. Mrs. Gincig designed and began development of the program of Whinnians Youth and Equine Therapy for the American Old Catholic Church in 1998. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she has had more than twenty years of training and experience with showing, training and raising horses. She has also been Director of Religious Education and Youth for the Archdioceses of Christ the King of the American Old Catholic Church in Aurora, Colorado for over ten years. During this time she has organized and maintained several volunteer programs serving the youth community and child development issues.

The program she developed, Whinnian's Youth Riders, focuses on the relationship issues of foster children and adopted children through the horse-human bond, framing horsemanship as a way to develop relationship, communication and problem solving skills; finding a new way to think and feel about themselves. Whinnian’s works with referrals from local residential treatment facilities, therapists and the community to bring the special gifts of horses into the damaged and neglected lives of children.

Charles Daniel and Rathel (Johnston) Gincig

Charles Daniel and Rathel (Johnston) Gincig

Rathel Gincig

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