Daughter of ? and ?.
Name Change: changed last name to Wilson 1904 (Pg. 145).
Born: December, 1862 in New York.
Alternate Year of Birth: 1857.
Died: January 22, 1926, Bronx, New York.
June 16, 1900 - 109 W 115th St. Supervisor's District 1, Enumeration District 843, Manhattan, New York.
June 1, 1905 - (New York State) - W 111St, Election District 2, Block A, Manattan New York (See Notes).
Married: Bernard Benjamin "Bernhard" (nee Ginzig/Gincig) Wilson Before 1900 in Probably New York City Borough. Verify Benjamin is Bernard.

NOTE: Changed last name to Wilson filed February 26, 1903.

General Index to the Laws of the State of New York 1902-1907
New York (State)
Prepared pursuant to Resolution of the Assembly, June 26, 1907
Under Direction of Archie Easton Baxter Clerk of the Assembly
Printers: Albany J.B. Lyon Company, State Printers 1908
Information found on page 507 of the book or page 514 when .pdf file is downloaded:
The State of New York
Year: 1904
Names Changed by Court: Wilson, Bernard from Gincig,
Chapter: ---
Page: 1945
Year: 1904
Names Change by Court: Wilson, Kate from Gincig, Kate
Chapter: --
Page: 1945

1900 Vensus

1905 New York State Census

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