Son of Daniel and Frejndla (Sarkowska) Faktor.
Born: March 18, 1896 in Lobe (Lodz), Poland.
Alternate Dates of Birth: March 7, 1896 and August, 1898.
Died: May 12, 1941 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
Immigration: May 31, 1920.
April 22, 1930 - Ward 24 Block 103 ED 870 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
April 12, 1940 - 6155 St. Lawrence Avenue, Ward 6, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
June 13, 1918: Typesetter.
1920 & 1930 Illinois census: Manager at Printing Co.
Residence: June 13, 1918 in Schiedem, Netherlands.
August 16, 1938 - Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
Married: Regina "Ryfke" Klinger June 13, 1918 in Schiedam, Holland.

Details of Ellis Island Emmigration Document:
Name: Fizsel Faktor
Place of Residence: Lodz, Polen
Date of Arrival: May 31, 1920
Age on Arrive: 25y
Gender: M
Martial Status: M
Ship of Travel: Kroonland
Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium
Went to aunt Hellen Ross at 1600 Bird Avenue St. Louis Missouri
Description: 5'3" brown hair, brown eyes, dark complexion
Came with:
Ryfka Faktor age 19
Bernard Faktor age 10 months
Louis Faktor age 30
Scheindel Faktor age 30
Stephanie Faktor age 4
Oscar age Faktor age 1
Sameul Faktor age 28
Cerla Faktor age 22
Racehel Faktor age 17

April 30, 1930 Chicago, ILL Census

Phillip Factor

June 13, 1918 Marriage of Rifke (Regina) Klinger and Fiszel (Philip) Factor with Max and Anna (Joskowitz) Klinger

Marriage Certificate Pg 1 (In Dutch)

Marriage Certificate Pg. 2 (In Dutch)

The date Thirteenth June nineteen hundred and eighteen, are for Our undersigned, Baar office of the Civil State Schiedam, in the House of Commons published in order to enter a marriage: Fischel Faktor, Russian National - twenty-two years, hetterzeller?, born Russian Lodz, Poland adult son of Daniel Frei und Faktor Dela Schaykorosky, ...???
Riwka Klinger, Russian National- sixteen years, ??, born Russian Petrokow, Poland ??
meir underage daughter of Moschek Klinger, ??? years, merchant, an Cheemy Nisli Joskowitch ??
The promulgation of this alhier marriage has taken place without interruption to the ???
And we have asked them publicly or they take to each other faithfully and husbands will fulfill all the obligations. Which by law are linked to the married state, which they explicitly being answered yes, we have, in the name of the law, ruling made it through the really linked together, contrary to resent ??
We have this and this instrument drawn up, which after reading made, signed. Us, and the witnesses appearing.

Marriage Certificate (In Dutch)

Affidaivt of birth (In Dutch)

Consulate General from Russia (in French)
Rotterdam 31 March (underlined) 1918
13 April
Number 256
Certificate (underlined)
The Consulate General of Russia certifies that the bearer declares to be the Russian citizen Fischel Faktor born 8 March 1896 at Loda, Government Petrokoff, son of Daniel Faktor 54 years old and Fraidala, born Schatkowsky old 53 years living in Loda. The Consulate General declares that according to Russian law a male person who has reached the age of 21 is emancipated and then no longer requires the permission of his parents in order to marry (literally start of a marriage)

F. Faktor arrived in Rotterdam on 29 April 1917 and …(I don’t understand the third word in the sentence fragment “aangekomen en …”) : the Consulate General supports

The Consul: Ferser (sig)

Emigration from Scheidam, Netherlands

Ship Manifest - Immigration to US 1920 - Pg. 1

Ship Manifest - Immigration to US 1920 - Pg. 2

April 22, 1930 Census - Chicago, Illinois.

1940 Census