Prior to 1901 - Basten, Max Factorís Hollywood, page 18: "His brother Nathan and Uncle Fischel had already left Russia." In 1901, Nathan Factorís destination on his ship passenger list was "Uncle, S. Kopper, 1534 Riddle [sic-Biddle] St., St. Louis, Mo." The St. Louis Biddle Street address was the destination of all Factor family members immigrating in 1901, 1904, 1905 and 1906. "Uncle S. Kopper" has been identified as SAMUEL CAPER listed in the St Louis US censuses of 1900 and 1910, living at 1534 Biddle Street. His wife was listed as JENNIE CAPER. If the listing of Samuel Caper as Nathanís uncle is correct, either Samuel or Jennie is his blood relative. If Samuel is the blood relative, he must be a brother of one of Abrahamís wives which seems less likely. If Jennie is the blood relative, she could be a sister of Abraham Factor. Jennie was listed as born 1871 in the 1900 census making her about 21 years younger that Abraham. Samuelís birth date is confused as seen in the 1900 vs. 1910 censuses. In 1900 he is listed age 41 and in 1920 as age 50. The 1910 census, which might shed light, has not yet been found.

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