Son of David and Mary Alice (Whiteleather) Emmons.
Born: July 14, 1868 in Ohio.
Died: After 1928 in Unknown.
1870 - West Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.
1880 - West Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.
1900 - 118 Ohio St., Akron, Summit County, Ohio.
1910 - Akron, Summit County, Ohio.
Residence: 1928 - Akron, Summit County, Ohio.
Teacher then turned to business.
Took and taught courses at business college in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania while there worked at Pittsburg stock exchange.
1899 - Accountant for publishing company.
1911 - Formed Wagoner-Emmons Realty
Also served as Postmaster in Akron, Ohio.
Served as city council member, State Representative, State Senator.
Married: Lily M Williston August 18, 1893 in East Rochester, Columbiana County Ohio.

At the age of eighteen, Van Everett lost a leg in a railway accident. As a result he was no longer able to do the field work to which he was accustomed, and turned first to teaching, and then to business. Finding that business suited him, he sought training. He took and then taught courses at a business college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and while there, he worked at the Pittsburgh stock exechange.

In 1899, he moved to Akron, Ohio, beginning as an accountant with a publishing company, and in 1911 forming the Wagoner-Emmons Realty company. From that point forward he was a successful real estate developer, so important to the city's progress that when its history, Akron and Summit County, Ohio, 1825-1928, was published, it included a lengthy biography of him, which is the source of much of the information given here. He was also an active member of the Republican party, representing his neighbors both at party conventions and in public office. He served as a city council member, as state representative, and as state senator. V E D Emmons appears in the 1870 and 1880 censuses in West Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. In 1900, he is at 118 Ohio St, Akron, Summit County, Ohio, and in 1910, he is again in Akron.

His brother Ralph Wallace also served in State Senator, making it the first time two brothers served in the State Senate at the same time.