Daughter of Lemuel Herschel and Savannah Belle (Coker) Davis.
Born: 1902 in Ketucky.
Died: About December 15, 1991 in Hospital in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.
Buried: December 15, 1991 in Unknown.
Occupation: WOrked for people taking care of their children.
About 1920 - Russellville, Kentucky.
Late 1920s - Terre Haute, Indiana.
1929 - Toeldo, Lucas County, Ohio.
1954 - Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.
1955-1956 - Tuscon, Arizona.
1956-1970 - Eldorado, Ohio.
1970-1973 - Wewakitchka, Florida.
1973 - Englewood, Ohio.
1976 - Moved back with Arthur in Englewood, Ohio.
Married: (1) Arthur Ellsworth Emmons July 11, 1918 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.
(2) Loven Preston Self after September 9, 1921 in Kentucky or Tennessee.
(3) Guy Faught after 1924 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.
(4) Bernard C Wolf 1929 in Unknown.
(5) George Greeting about 1956 in Tuscon, Arizona.
(6) Vito Nichols 1974 in Wewahitchka, Florida.

The following account was provided by Norman Huppert.
Savannah Jane Davis was born in 1902, location: in Kentucky, possibly Oakville, Ky She then married Arthur Ellsworth Emmons, in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. She then had Jane Marie & Virginia Belle Emmons She took her daughters to Russellville, Ky. She then dirvoced Arthur Ellsworth Emmons in Toledo, Ohio. She met and then married Loven Preston Self in KY or TN Loven Preston Self was a share cropper. They then had one daughter named: Nellie Irene (? maiden name) She then divorced Loven Self in Toledo, Ohio, even though Loven was still back in Kentucky or Tennessee. Savannah Belle Coker ran a boarding house for men only in Toledo, Ohio. A man who lived in the boarding house was Guy Faught from Terre Haute, Indiana. They married in Toledo, Ohio, and then moved to Terre Haute, Indiana. She up and left him, taking the two daughters of Arthur Emmons with her back to Toledo, Ohio.

Guy Faught then filed for divorce from Savannah Jane in Terra Haute, Indiana? She starts going to a dance hall every night, and met Bernard C. Wolf (called Charles - but born with a C. only on his birth certificate.) She then married Bernard C. Wolf in 1929. She stayed married to him, until his death in 1954. He died in Dayton, Ohio. She was working for people taking care of their children, and she remembered a man she met that lived in Tuscon, Arizona, but orginally met in him Dayton, Ohio. She was married at the time of the dance to Bernard C. Wolf, but met George Geeting at the dance. Then after the death of Bernard C. Wolf she took a bus to Tuscon, Arizona, in 1955. She then married George Geeting in 1956 in Tuscon, Arizona. They then moved from Tuscon, Arizona to Eldorado, Ohio Lived in Eldorado, Ohio near Greenville, Ohio, she was married at this time to George Geeting. Then they moved down to Wewahitchka, Florida in 1970. Then they moved back to Englewood, Ohio in Feb/March 1973 Married to George Geeting, when he died in May of 1973 in Dayton, Ohio. Then after George Geetings death, she returned to Wewahitchka, Florida. end of May, 1973 Married Vito Nichols in 1974 in Blountstown, Florida Divorced Vito Nichols in 1976 in Wewahitchka, Florida Divorce papers filed in Port St. Joe, Gulf County, Florida. Savannah Jane Davis - Maiden name.

Then after divorced from Vito Nicols, she moved back into the house with her first husband which was Arthur Ellsworth Emmons, in Englewood, Ohio She then died in the hospital in Dayton, Ohio. buried: 15 Dec, 1991.