Son of Micajah and Delitha (Crew) Emmons.
Born: November 17 1851 in Unknown.
Died: July 21, 1876 in Whittier, Linn County, Iowa.
June 28, 1860 - Chesterfield, Morgan County, Ohio.
August 31, 1870 - York Township, Tama County, Iowa.
June 28, 1860 - Marion Township, Linn County, Iowa.

[Died], at the residence of his parents in the neighborhood of Springville, Linn county, Iowa, HARVY DAVIS EMMONS, son of Micajah and Delitha Emmons, in the twenty-fifth year of his age, a member of Springville Monthly and Particular Meetings. He had sustained a good moral character amongst men; but when he was brought to a sick bed, and that Divine Word that is sharper than any two edged sword appeared, with its quickening, searching power, he found the moral righteousness in which he had rested was only as [?] rags; and every work must be brought to judgement with every secret thing. He then clearly saw that he had too much overlooked his duty to God, which (when brought into deep exercise and conflict of sin) he said was enough to take any one to hell; verifying the truth of holy writ, that, They who forget God as well as the desperately wicked, "shall be turned into hell." He said he felt as if his whole life had been spent in vain; just foolishly thrown away. To one who advised him to come to Christ, and to believe he was saved and saved now, and he would be happy, he replied; "I can find no peace that way, but only through overwhelming sorrow to seek repentance and reconciliation through Christ;" which, after passing through deep baptism and conflict of spirit for many days he was favored to attain; and after imparting much s[?]tary counsel to many who visited him, he peacefully passed away on the 29th of 7th mo. 1876. (The Friend, 1877, vol. l, p. 48)

1860 Census