Son of James and Abi (Stratton) Heald.
Born: March 28, 1852 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
Died: October 21, 1938 in Unknown.
Buried: Whittier Friends, Linn County, Iowa.
July 12, 1870 - Kane Township, Tama County, Iowa.
June 1, 1880 - Marion Township, Linn County, Iowa.
Residence: 1911 - Brown Township, Linn County, Iowa.
Married: (1) Caroline Susan Emmons October 25, 1877 in Springville, Meeting, Linn County, Iowa.
(2) Maria Briggs October 26, 1925 in Whittier Meeting, Linn County, Iowa. She married (1) Wilson Hodgin Unknown in Unknown.

Brother of Joseph who married Caroline's sister, Elizabeth.

An account of Edwin Heald in The Pioneer Publishing Company's History of Linn County Iowa, published 1911, tells that he attended Friends Boarding School at Mount Pleasant, Ohio. In 1875, he came to Iowa, and in 1885 he went south, intending to settle in Arkansas where the weather was less severe and fruit growing easier. He found the country in Arkansas unsatisfactory and turned west, landing in Lane County, Kansas. There he stayed three and a half years, until he decided the opportunities were better in Iowa. In Brown township, Edwin Heald served on the local school board, and was a township trustee.