Daughter of Velvel and Devorah (?) Mutzmacher.
Born: About 1867 in Ostrowiec (Ostrovca), Radomski Gobirne, Poland (Russia).
Died: October 18, 1952 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Buried: Lambton Cemetery (Ostrovcer Society Section) Royal York Road, Toronto.

After remaining in Poland for about one year (1911-1912), Itzah decided to return to Canada and to bring his family along with him. Chava however would not leave her sick mother Devorah behind in Poland, and refused to accompany her husband. After 46 years, Itzhak therefore reutrned to Canada without his wife on May 3, 1912 as a landed immigrant aboard the S.S. Lake Michigan, a few weeks after the Titanic had sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Shortly after 1913 or 1914 when Itzhak's son Jacob immigrated to Canada, Itzhak's wife Chava decided to come to Canada, but World War I had already developed, and all civilian transatlantic crossings were discontinued. She therefore remained in Eurpoe until 1920 when she was able to emigrate to Canada and she brought her two remaining children Roisa and Sura Bleema with her to Canada. She left her mother Devorah in Poland in the care of her brother Menachem Mendel, and Devorah died one year later in 1921, with Velvel having predeceased her in 1918.