Daughter of ? and ?.
First Name: Found as Libby in 1910 Census.
Married Last Name: Also found as Belcher (1910 Census).
Born: 1858 in Russia.
Alternate Year of Birth: About 1853.
Died: May 12, 1946 in Oronoko, Berrien County, Michigan.
Alternate Date of Death: May 12, 1947.
Buried: Mt. Sainai, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.
Immigration: November 23, 1904.
April 20, 1910 - 59 Manhattan Avenue, Block A, Ward 16, Supervisor's District 2, Enumeration District 345, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.
June 1, 1915 - 185 Varet Street, Block 4, Assembly District 19, Election District 1, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.
January 12, 1920: 1912 Laker Street, Supervisor's District 2, Enumeration District 22, Ward 2, Precinct 10, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska (w/son and daughter-in-law Ben and Rachel Carmell.)
April 15, 1930 - 131-09 101st Avenue, Richmond Hill, Assembly District 5, Block K, Supervisor's District 35, Enumeration District 44-545, New York City, Queens County, New York (w/son and daughter-in-law Samuel and Rose).
April 20, 1910 - Saleslade, Poultry.
Citizenship Status:
June 1, 1915 - Alien.
Married: Abraham "Avram" Nathan Bleicher Unknown in St. Petersburg, Russia.

"I often heard that Luba was the youngest of 22! I never asked my mother, Rose, was that of several mothers/wives of one of the Carmel/Bleicher [sic?] men who were silk and woolen merchants to the Czar, which is why Luba had had such a wonderful education, spoke so many languages, had many privileges, had access to her father's and grandfather's patron's dacha, library, etc..." -- Naomi Siegel, 2002

"Luba, my mother always stressed, was a privileged girl who rejected other suitors presented to her, waited until age 21(!) to marry her choice: Abraham, a scholar (yeshivah-bucher), a cousin. Few girls then waited to that age... and got the man the man they wanted." -- Naomi Siegel (2002)

"Grandmother Lena spoke several languages and during the passage from Europe around 1903, she helped the ship's staff in dealing with the people in steerage. The family did not arrive on the ship together. Uncle Bob Bleicher and Ben Carmell?? were left behind in England to earn money to pay for their own passge." Arthur Bleecher, 2001

"Grandmother Lena bore 16 children, 5 of whom died in infancy." Arthur Bleecher, 2001

1910 Census

1915 New York State Census

1920 Census

1930 Census

Abraham Nathan Bleicher, Luba "Lena" (Goldman), ? Daughter, David Bleicher

Ben Carmell, Abraham and Luba Bleicher, Max Gelbert

Luba Lena Goldman Bleicher

Ship Manifest November 23, 1904

Passenger Record
First Name: Laiba
Last Name: Bleicher
Ethnicity: Russia, Russian
Last Place of Residence: Russia
Date of Arrival: Dec 15, 1904
Age at Arrival: 58y Gender: F Marital
Status: M
Ship of Travel: Hekla
Port of Departure: Copenhagen
Manifest Line Number: 0001 ( Source:

Luba Lena Goldman Bleicher and Children