Son of Ralph and Joyce (Small) Wallen.
Born: 1627 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
Died: July 19, 1674 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.
Buried: North Burial Ground, Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.
Married: Mary Abbott in 1651 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Post by C.A.W. Walling, a descendant:
The Walling family, originally from Lancashire, England, came first to Rhode Island and there are still Wallings in Rhode Island. The first Walling in our American line was THOMAS WALLING, who married MARY ABBOT of Providence. Their granddaughter, Elizabeth Walling, married Roger Williams II, grandson of Roger Williams, the Founder of the Colony of Rhode Island.

24 May 1673, a list of Providence land grants:
A grant was made "unto Daniel Abbott [Jr] and Thomas Wallin two lots together". This was a grant made in the right of the elder, deceased Daniel Abbott [Sr], the grantees here being his son and son-in-law, and only known heirs. On Nov 21 & 26, 1685 two grants of land were made to Daniel Abbott "in the right of his deceased father Daniel Abbott", and so on."

22 Jan 1650/51, a letter to the Town of Providence, concerned with several matters involving orphans and unsettled estates, Roger Williams asked that special care be taken of "one of the orphans of our dead friend Daniel Abbott [Sr], [who] is likely (as she herself told me) to be disposed of in marriage". This is about Mary Abbott, just before her marriage to Thomas Walling."

Plymouth Colony Court Proceedings, 1650:
"The fourth of Aprell, 1650. Tho Wallen, Richard Carle, Gorg Way, Katheren Warner, and Mary Mills were apprehended at Barnstable, in the jurisdiction of New Plym; and on the eight day of Aprell, aforsaid, they being examined before William Bradford, gent, Gouer, William Collyar and William Thomas, gent, Assistants, confessed yt they, the said Tho Wallen, Richard Carle and Gorge Way did healpe away Katheren Warner & Mary Mills, who were run away from theire husbands; and for yt purpose yt Richard Carle aforsaid did steale his fathers boat, which they came away in; it was therefore ordered by the Gouer & Assistants above mensioned, that the aforsaid Gorg Way, Katheren Warner, & Mary Mills should be sent from constable to constable to the place from whence they came wh is a place called Winter Harbor, near Richmans Iland to the eastward: and yt Tho Wallen & Richard Carle aforsaid bee comitted to ward; all which accordingly was forthwith pforned."